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For example, if it’s a text or document file you want to delete, close Microsoft Word or any other relevant editor. If it’s a video you want to delete, close the video player first even if it’s not playing the video. When you delete a file, the deletion fails with an error message that says “File In Use – The action can’t be completed because the file is open in another program“. To recover a deleted file, open Windows File Recovery from its Start menu shortcut. In Windows 11, you may need to click the All Apps link in the Start menu to find the shortcut. Microsoft has its own file recovery tool available for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Knowing how to combine PDF files can be handy, especially if you frequently work with scanned or digital documents. PDF files also have their own uses, such as putting together an e-book, a manual, a portfolio, and more. There are many ways to merge PDFs online and offline on various platforms and devices.

PDF Arrangeris another tool you can use to merge PDF files if you find PDFtk too difficult. The free edition doesn’t have as many features as the paid version, but it still merges PDFs. If you want to upgrade to premium, it’ll just cost you $3.99. If you find PDFtk too complicated for you, another application you can use to merge PDF files is PDF Arranger.

Compose installation scenarios

“Can’t delete files” is one such problem caused by AMD Uninstall Utility third-party tool. To fix the issue, you should remove the software from your system. You can also delete multiple files by typing each of their paths separated by spaces. This is the most general of all prompts and is easy to resolve. It is possible that the file or folder that you are trying to force delete is open in some other program or as a background process.

  • I renamed the files with a 3gp suffix before I tried playing them but that, I think is not relevent.
  • One way to prevent this slowing down of our system is to delete temporary files created automatically as it will boost your system’s performance.
  • All the contents within the ZIP file will be extracted into a chosen folder.
  • In times like this, what you need is a professional HEIC repair tool like Wondershare Repairit.

Compared to Adobe Acrobat DC and other high-end tools, PdfMerge comes with a straightforward and simple user interface. It focuses on a single function and lets you merge PDF files with ease. Whether you’ve previously used a similar program or not, PdfMerge won’t require you to possess any technical knowledge or skills. Since the program is free, you don’t have to share private or confidential details.

How Do I Convert HEIC to JPG Windows?

The disk has about 300GB of data on it, but I lack another hard drive that has 300GB of free space. Typora allows you to manage your files easily, providing both file tree panel and articles side panel. Fell free to organize files in your own way, including putting in sync services, like Dropbox or iCloud. Typora supports around 100 languages for syntax highlighting, covers all common programming languages.

Text files can be seen as a narrowed-down version of binary files. All text files follow the ASCII standard, at the minimum, to store data. This ease in viewing the data makes them less prone to unintentional data damage, as any damages are easily identified by text editors. File splitters and joiners are used to break apart large-sized files into smaller segments. This not only saves a good amount of hard disk space, but makes it easier to share files with friends, colleagues, and users around the world.

The main reason is that when you unpickle, arbitrary code could be executed on the machine. If you are the only one using the files, or you definitely trust the one who gave you the file, there will be no problems. If you are building an online service, however, unpickling data that was sent by a random user may have consequences. As in the examples earlier, the numpy file will take exactly 1128 bytes.